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  Cable 14 Interview

Upon return to Canada, a local TV Station, Cable 14, conducted an interview with one of the participants of the Aloha, Antarctica Expedition, Dieter Staudinger, In this interview Dieter explains briefly, how he was invited by his friend and Expedition Leader, Armin Wirth, to join this epic adventure. He details some of the extensive preparations, what it was like to be in Antarctica and what he got from the experience.





Jacked In Radio Interview - Part 1

AM 1150 'Jacked In' Host Jessica Samuels interviews Dieter Staudinger about his experiences in Antarctica and what it was like for him to prepare for the Aloha Antarctica Expedition. Dieter shares how the Expedition came about, some of the rigorous preparations and what it takes to go on an adventure to the edge of the world as we know it. This is part 1 of 2. The video was produced by Dieter Staudinger.